MappingTexts is a collaboration by scholars, staff and students at The University of North Texas and Stanford University, including the Texas Digital Newspaper Program and The Bill Lane Center for the American West at Stanford.

Andrew Torget
Assistant Professor, History
University of North Texas

Jon Christensen
Executive Director
Bill Lane Center for the American West
Stanford University

Cameron Blevins
Ph.D. Candidate, American History
Stanford University

Digitization and Cataloguing
Mark Phillips
Assistant Dean for Digital Libraries
University of North Texas

Text Mining and Analysis
Rada Mihalcea, University of North Texas
Elisa Tze-I Yang, University of North Texas

Data Visualization and Website Development
Rio Akasaka, Stanford University
Geoff McGhee, Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford University
Yinfeng Qin, Stanford University
Jason Ningxuan Wang, Stanford University

Maria Piconé, Wi-Design, Inc., Philadelphia


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